SolutionzHere understand your business and your business logic. No need to change your business logic to implement Salesforce CRM. You can implement the CRM application to fit the way you do business instead.
Salesforce CRM is highly customizable by design. Our salesforce expertise will help you to seamless implementation of Salesforce CRM in your business. Our Onshore/offshore model will guide you for varying customer needs across many industry domains.
solutionzhere provides a range of Salesforce services for your evolving business needs. Our team of Salesforce experts will understand and tailor make solutions for your unique business needs, leveraging our strong expertise in customizing and extending Salesforce using Apex and Visualforce.
If you want to adapt Salesforce CRM to make your company’s existing processes and workflows, improve or to make them more efficient and effective, we will help you customize your Salesforce CRM. We can customize and personalize your existing CRM solution as per your business needs.

Custom Application Development

solutionzhere can add automation functions or expand on the functionality of your existing Salesforce CRM solution through powerful custom application development. Our expertise to create Visualforce pages, Triggers, Apex classes Views, S-controls, Page Layouts, Workflows and generate different kinds of reports and dashboards according to your business needs. We can develop range of custom development solutions to suit your business requirements which including cloud application solutions development on development platform. We have developed projects using, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Chatter. We have also integrated them with mobile apps to generate productivity and faster business results and adoption. We can develop app following the App- Exchange security guideline. We have good exposure in Email Services, Packaging (Managed & Unmanaged), and Deployment through IDE or Eclipse plugin and change set.


solutionzhere can deliver reliable, seamless, secure and scalable integration of with your existing applications (such as ERP, Databases, Legacy systems, Website, Accounting, Inventory, Order Management, Data Warehouse, Flat files, XML files, etc.) and external cloud services (such as Amazon Web Services, Google AppEngine, etc.). we build web services (both SOAP and RESTful) in Salesforce, which can helps third-party application to exchange information with Salesforce.


solutionzhere can smoothly migrate your customer data from other applications such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, QuickBooks, bespoke systems, NetSuite and Excel spreadsheets, Sage SalesLogix to Salesforce. We have used Data Loaded, for manual migration, S2S for Salesforce to Salesforce migration and evaluated third-party tools like Informetica.

Administration / Support

solutionzhere can help you on various administrative activities, such as Site Domain Registration & Setup Administration, Public Access Management, Site Template, , Visualforce & Apex Access, Activation & Deactivation, Trust IP Range Profile Setting, Login Settings, etc. We can also help on publishing app on App-Exchange.